Saturday, August 1, 2009

Away we go, with grateful hearts and full sails

We left Newport at 0620 this morning, amazingly on schedule. Amazing because of all the things we had to do before leaving, and because of all the uncontrolled variables - weather, health, mechanical systems, etc. - that determine whether you can actually go. Our best friends and sailing buddies Bruce and Suzanne surprised us by driving all the way from Sisters yesterday evening, with champagne and smiles. They were up with us this morning to wave us off and snap a few pics as we headed under the bridge and out to sea.

We both feel so thankful that this moment has finally arrived. I'm grateful to Brenda and Paul who are letting me do this trip and still earn some income along the way. We're both grateful that we found Greg and Erica to watch over our house while we're gone, and to care for Chica for the first 2 weeks. Our friends and neighbors Susan and Ed are looking after things in our absence, and gave us a nice sendoff a few nights ago. Neighbors Adrene, Nancy, and Cameron are storing our cars for us. Friends Mark and Jennifer came over with a farewell sushi dinner (and more champagne) on our last night at home, when it was just an empty house waiting for its new occupants. Ruth did us a huge favor by driving us over to the boat yesterday. Paul and Judy came by last night with a bottle of wine and their good wishes. Al and Sue are taking over dog duties in a couple of weeks, and then handing her over to David and Karen for the duration. This is just the crucial help that I can remember right now -- there have been many more who have wished us well and done favors for us. We couldn't do it without all of your help and positive thoughts. Thank you!

(I am posting this from about 5 miles out to sea, using the air card)


Steve & Lulu said...

Far out! We're stoked that you got away. We just got back to South Beach from the yard late last night. When I looked out the companionway this morning I noticed your boat was gone and was hoping that it was because you were on your way. We should be behind you by about a month. Keep us posted about the trip and we'll buy you a cerveza next time we see you.


Juli said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see you guys! I hope you have very pleasant sailing until then :)