Monday, August 3, 2009

Port Orford

This was a really nice day. The fog lifted early (like in the poem) and we could see the coastline most of the way. And what a dramatic coastline -- jagged rocks scattered like dice near Bandon, and the lovely yet menacing reefs from Cape Blanco to Port Orford. We were planning a stop in Bandon, but when I radioed the Coast Guard, they told me that the bar had shoaled "considerably less than 8 feet" (we draw 6.5 feet, too close for comfort). So on we went, with enough wind to sail but gentle swells.
Tonight we're in Port Orford, where the transients like us anchor out, and the local fishermen have their boats winched up onto the wharf.

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Joanne and Matthew said...

Hi Mrs.B.R./Vicki,
We just read your blog.
Good luck with your sailing adventure.
It will be fun to follow your journey.

Have a good trip.
Best wishes from,

Matthew and Grandma Joanne