Thursday, August 13, 2009

Noyo River (Fort Bragg)

Wednesday morning we motored out of Shelter Cove while still in the shadow of the King Range, but were covered in sunlight within a few minutes. The wind slowly built until we could switch off the noisy engine, and revel in the whoosh of water and the flapping of sails. A nice downhill run to Noyo River! We moved in and out of fog, and had to dodge another gray whale. It was hard to pick out the opening in the yellow cliffs that signified our harbor, so we trusted in the chartplotter until we could see the buoys.

What a cute little harbor! Looks like another layover here to wait out a low pressure system -- which is great, because we have good friends living nearby. They took us out to for a beach walk and a nice dinner in Mendocino.

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Frank said...

Hi Vicki and Mark,
I would have been so seasick! What a trip! Anyway, I talked to Karen E. and she is motoring (via land) up toward you. It would be a kick if you connect in a harbor, of course! -Patti and Frank