Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cape Arago

We took a layover day in Charleston (Coos Bay) today. Gary came by to sell us his old Garmin loaded w/ West Coast charts, and to tell us of his adventures in Mexico on his own boat, Cokcabuk, last year. He kindly took us by the grocery and ATM before heading home.
After lunch we assembled the bikes and rode out to Cape Arago. This is one of my favorite spots on the Oregon coast, and it's too dangerous to approach with the boat, so it was nice to see it by bike. At Simpson Reef there were literally thousands of harbor seals, sea lions, and elephant seals basking on the rocks, and the cacophony was amazing. At Cape Arago itself, there was a gray whale feeding right under the overlook, less than 1/4 mile offshore (of course it stopped blowing as soon as I was ready with the camera).
Back at the marina, fishermen were busy filleting tuna they had caught about 30 miles offshore. We bought some fillets from one of the boats, and it is absolutely delicious. At some point when we are traveling far enough offshore, we hope to catch our own!


Julie said...

It will be so fun to watch you two travel and hear of your adventures! Love to you both, Julie and Kevin!

Cathy Ellis said...

wow, anchor's a' sailors have already turned left !!! I am so glad to kiss/hug you both "adios amigos" last week, at Brice Creek, hope to see you in SD ! happy trails, luv Cathy