Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day sailing and champagne

So yet another posting from 'The Admiral' in one day! After hanging for awhile, to let the fog burn off, the captain and I went on a bike ride to a fabulous cafe for lunch and internet services.
What a glorious, slow time, and then we ran into the SF Opera Company putting on a free performance in Sausalito Park, but it was intermission! Darn. We were actually cookin' in the
sunshine, as we waited for the next sing along, so what did I do? Wo, I suggested that we go for an afternoon sail on the bay. Mr. C's (captain) eyes lit up, even though he does adore opera, so we pedaled back to SC to change out the head sail and ready the ship. Down Richardson Bay we went, and off to Raccoon Strait to view a bit of Angel Island on starboard side. Wow, exhilarating sailing, with Mr. C calling out orders to the Admiral, as we moved through the tidal rips similar to Dodd Narrows in Canada! Oh, I can hear Pavarotti now!
Well, after a couple of hours, we were back at the dock, Mr. C spraying/cleaning, and the Admiral slaving in the galley. The champagne sure helped!

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Karen Fox said...

Hi Mark and Vicki,

I see you're in the San Francisco area. How long before you leave? Tom is off today and tomorrow, although today is the better one for me to take off. I can't take off tomorrow. Your trip looks like so much fun! I wasn't on the computer all weekend so hope we did not miss an opportunity to see you. Come back...