Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're in Trinidad, mon

We motored all day in a dead calm, passing the mouth of the Klamath River, Redwood National Park, and a 100-foot high rock covered with sea lions all the way to the top! It's called Reading Rock, so I took a picture of Vicki reading Latitude 38, our favorite sailing mag. When we got to Trinidad, a small cove 15 miles north of Eureka, we found out it was $30 to pick up a mooring, so we're anchored out. This is even calmer and warmer than it was in Port Orford, but there are kelp flies so we're hunkered down inside the boat. I'm caught up with grading papers, so let the cribbage fest begin!

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Cory said...

Wow. You only had to get to Northern California to get to some place I never heard of before!

Keep up the good work by getting into aircard range now and again to give us updates!

We're living vicariously through you right now. :)

Cory and Nancy