Friday, August 28, 2009

Sittin' on a dock in the Bay

Watchin' the tide roll away... from our latest temporary home at the San Francisco Marina, across from the St. Francis Yacht Club. Another uncharacteristically warm and calm day, which started at 5 AM with me still grading term papers.

We bicycled over to Little Italy for a late breakfast, then found our way through the Financial District to the Asian Art Museum, where we saw the "Lords of the Samurai" exhibit. This was its only showing in the US, and it was pretty interesting. All drawn from the collection of one important family, the Hosokawas from Higo in southern Japan. Ever since reading Shogun a few decades ago, I have been fascinated by Samurai culture, and this exhibit only strengthened that attraction.

We emerged from the air-conditioned museum into the heat, and pedaled back toward Chinatown. For a large city, San Francisco has a very good set of marked bike routes, generous bike lanes (considering the age of the roads) and sharrows to help alert cars to be more generous with space. In Chinatown, we stocked up on very cheap produce. The prices here are less than half of what you pay in a supermarket. One example -- a whole fresh pineapple cost $1.29.

We're just about ready to move along to the south, but we will see what the weather looks like before heading out of the Gate. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. Its nice to not be on a tight schedule!

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Jaime said...

Finally got a connection good enough to see your blog. How great to vicarously share your travels. Thanks for doing this. I love the bay and it brings up sailing memories with my Dadn those same waters. His boat was down at the marina where you are staying. i love Sf on those rare warm clear summer days. Leaving Costa Rica soon it has been an incridible adventure.