Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost ready to go

Since bringing the boat to Newport, we have been putting most of our energy into getting the house ready for its new occupants, but we've made a few "freight" runs to the boat, inventorying everything as we put it away in all the various lockers and cubbyholes. Yesterday I pulled the engine cover off for the first time since we had arrived in Newport, to find that the raw water pump had leaked a small amount of salt water down the formerly shiny front of our year-old engine. The pump has a leaky shaft seal, and must be rebuilt or replaced. Luckily I had kept the matching water pump from our old engine, so after putting in a fresh impeller, I exchanged pumps, and we're good to go again. It is not easy to rebuild the pump without the proper tools, so I ordered a new pump from Cook Engine. Of course, our warranty has already expired :)


Jeff and DeLynn said...

Pump it up! It was great seeing you two at Neal's concert. DeLynn goes in for her surgery tomorrow to fix her plumbing. She's alot like a boat!

Steve & Lulu said...

It's always something! We got the windvane installed today. Very glad I didn't have to do it in the water like you did.

We're planning to go back in the water either Friday or Saturday. Highest tides are late in the evening so we'll have to see what Steve Webster says about launching us that late.