Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bodega Bay

We finally reached Bodega Bay, two days later than we thought we would. We had to double back the way we had come to get here, since we had already sailed south to Drake's Bay yesterday. But we wanted to clean up ourselves, our clothes, and the boat before we entered San Francisco Bay, and I needed to check in on my students -- we haven't had any connection to the Internet since leaving Ft. Bragg on Tuesday.

This is a quiet marina with decent facilities. We enjoyed a nice bike ride to Bodega Head after our chores were done. For dinner, we grilled a tuna fillet that a neighboring boater gave us. Eventually we'll have to learn to catch our own fish!

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Steve & Lulu said...

Congratulations on reaching the SF Bay Area. Seems like a milestone for some reason. We're still in Silverton. I'm finishing up some carpentry projects and Lulu is wrestling with the sails and the Sailrite machine. I think (and hope) we're still on schedule to be gone by month's end although that is approaching FAST!

And, thanks for the Carly Simon earworm. Been humming that stupid song all day. Please allow me to return the favor. Let's see.... how about "Yummy yummy yummy I have love in my tummy...."?