Monday, September 28, 2009

Santa Barbara redux

We seem to be going in circles, but we don't want to rush away from this beautiful stretch of coast, particularly not when the next destination is LA! Santa Barbara is a truly delightful place to roam around, although the bike lanes are just barely adequate. We visited the Santa Barbara Mission today, 4 miles up the hill from the marina, and much as it was when Richard Henry Dana visited in 1835 (Vicki's reading Two Years Before the Mast).

The original 1786 altar, hand-built by the local Chumash Indians and decorated with abalone shells, was the most memorable part of the mission tour for me.

We have also enjoyed seeing some of the interesting homes gracing Santa Barbara's streets. This picture shows one of the Crocker Row houses built by a railroad magnate in the 1890s to rent out to wealthy Easterners.

We found a nice little Italian restaurant that had lunch specials for only $6.50.
And best of all, we found two tickets on Craigslist for the Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert Thursday night at the Santa Barbara Bowl!

Crosby's 60-foot Alden-designed schooner, the Mayan, is docked right across the fairway from us here at the marina, so we hope he will decide to go for a sail before or after the concert!

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Jeff and DeLynn said...

Makes me think of "Wooden Ships", one of my fave CSN&Y songs. Did you meet David?