Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morro Bay

Took a short ride from San Simeon to Morro Bay yesterday. This harbor entrance is hard to miss with the 580-foot rock in front of it! Inside, a very quaint and picturesque waterfront, with lots of wildlife -- sea otters, sea lions, pelicans, and even a gray whale calf near the harbor entrance! Four cruising boats are rafted up at the Yacht Club dock, two headed north, and two headed south. This is the only safe harbor between Santa Barbara and Monterey.

We were visited by old family friends Jim and Bev, who drove us to see their beautiful oceanfront home. After watching Obama's impressive speech to Congress regarding health care insurance, they took us out for a nice dinner in a restaurant and shop complex that Jim had designed. We'll probably spend at least one layover day here.

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