Monday, September 14, 2009

San Miguel Island

Saturday morning, we radioed our friends on Albatross to see where they were. They had just passed Pt Conception and were heading on to San Miguel Island, so we decided to follow along. San Miguel is the furthest northwest and most remote island of the 8 Channel Islands. We had visited there 23 years ago on our first boat, Mischief, so this passage would mark the completion of the US Pacific Coast (lower 48) for us.
As forecast, the swells increased to about 10 feet, but they were far apart and gently sloped.

Unfortunately, they created a lot of surge in Cuyler Harbor, our anchorage on San Miguel. Also, the wind came up during the afternoon, and was gusting in the high 20s by nightfall. Because of all the reefs and rocks surrounding us, it was not a restful night.

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