Friday, September 25, 2009

Santa Cruz redux

We just got back into Santa Barbara after another 5-day trip to Santa Cruz Island, to see some of the areas we missed on the first go-round. We tried again to see the Painted Cave, but again were turned back by high winds and steep chop.

So we went to the east end of the island and found a delightful anchorage in Little Scorpion, near the Park Service's headquarters, interpretive center, and campground. From there we traveled on several hiking trails, and snorkeled in caves and kelp beds near the boat.

We also went around to the south side of the island, which was less windy, but had strong surge in the anchorages, probably coming all the way up from Tropical Storm Marty. We spent the night in Coches Prietos, anchored next to a Kelly-Peterson 46 from Port San Luis. Snorkeling in the outer cove here revealed treasure - two Danforth anchors and rodes stuck in the rocks! We shared our booty with the divers aboard the KP46.

Today we had a wonderful sail back to Santa Barbara. It was sad to leave the islands, but Internet connections were spotty, and my OSU classes are starting up again on Monday. It was nice to find out that some of my pictures were published on the Latitude 38 website:

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