Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sad news

This started out to be a perfect day. The sun was out early, so after breakfast we jumped in our kayaks and paddled out to the surf break at the point just west of the harbor. Later in the day, after our chores were done (cleaning, shopping, and OSU classwork) we went for a swim and marveled that it is the first of October. We showered, dressed, and got ready to walk to the Santa Barbara Bowl where we had tickets to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

As we sat down to an early dinner, the phone rang. We don't get many calls, and Vicki couldn't get her phone out quickly enough, so she had to return the call. It was Karen, who is caring for our dog. Chica had been unable to get up from her bed for the past two days, so Karen was taking her to the vet. We told her that our own vet had given Chica a clean bill of health only a few months ago. We had seen her back legs go out from under her once before, but she recovered soon and we chalked it up to over-exertion.

The next call was from Karen's vet. An X-ray showed significant damage to Chica's spinal column - the technical details escape us, but it was clear that Chica had been suffering for some time and had come to the end of her days. We agreed that she should be put to rest.

Karen called us once more to let us know Chica had gone peacefully, cradled in her arms.

We're still in shock. Chica was 11 years old, and we knew this could happen, but it all played out so quickly. This is the second time we have lost a dog while we were away from home, and it leaves a big empty place in our hearts. We console ourselves that she had a good life and was always surrounded by people who loved her.

Chica is being cremated, and we will have a small remembrance for her and scatter her ashes when we get back to Woods Creek.

We are so grateful to Greg and Erica, Sue and Al, and Karen and Dave for taking care of her since we started our voyage, and to all our friends who showed her affection over the years.

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Deb said...

My heart is with both of you - she was the sunshine!!!!