Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Steamer Lane

We are enjoying a 2-day layover anchored at Santa Cruz. Our friend Marfa from Corvallis lives here now and showed us some of the sights around town, including the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus. We had feijoada and muquecas for lunch at a great little Brazilian cafe, and dinner at Marfa's house.

Today I put the inflatable kayak together and rode some waves at Steamer Lane, a world-famous surf spot just a 1/4 mile from where we are anchored. It was a real thrill, and the kayak performed wonderfully. This will be my major recreation down in Mexico.

On the way back, I towed a tired surfer from Thailand named Miao. She had a long way to go to the surfboard rental shop, so I gave her a ride the rest of the way in the dinghy.

Tomorrow we're headed for Moss Landing, midway between Santa Cruz and Monterey, which is reputed to have some wonderful bird and wildlife watching at a nearby wetland called Elkhorn Slough.

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