Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steinbeck Canyon

After more than a week anchored out in remote coves, it was finally time to head in to "civilization", in this case the excellent natural harbor of Puerto Escondido, currently being run as a state-owned anchorage and marina. This offered us a chance to take on fuel and water, do laundry, and check email and phone messages for the first time since leaving La Paz.

We also took this opportunity to hike a nearby canyon, heading deep into the Sierra Giganta, along with our friend Dennis from Windward.

In less than a half-mile, the canyon went from a fairly level trail to a rock and boulder scramble.

Then we had to negotiate the first of two "caves", where giant chockstones block the canyon, and the only way around was to crawl through the spaces under and behind them.

The reward was to spend a few hours in an unbelievably lush desert oasis.

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