Thursday, April 22, 2010

Islas Coronados

We had a wonderful sail from Painted Cliffs, around the north side of Isla Carmen, and over to Isla Coronados, along with our buds Dennis and Lisette on Windward.

We have spent nearly a week at this wonderful spot, partly because of its numerous attractions, and partly because it is in Internet range, only 6 miles from Loreto.

This allowed us to stay in touch with Mark's family during his mom's surgery for breast cancer. She is doing well and has already been released, so we will probably resume our northward trip tomorrow.

The marine wildlife here has been spectacular: humpback whales breaching, manta rays leaping, flocks of grebes fishing, etc.

We hiked up the cinder cone for a great view of the island.

The beachwalking was excellent! However, the snorkeling was a bit nippy. Water temp is still only about 70F here.

Vicki organized a potluck on the beach one night. We had a good time with the crews of Topaz, Sea Change, Windward, Rutea, and (one of my favorite boat names) Tequila Mockingbird.

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