Friday, April 2, 2010

El Cardoncito

We had a nice sail north, but with a late start and a forecast for strengthening north winds we decided we wouldn't go all the way to Isla San Francisco. Instead, we changed course for Caleta Partida, considered one of the best anchorages on Espiritu Santo. When we arrived, there were at least 25 boats in the anchorage! So we took a look at El Cardoncito, a 1-boat cove just north of Caleta Partida. It seemed nice and protected, so we set the anchor in 15 feet of water over a nice sand bottom, went ashore for a short hike, and had a peaceful evening at anchor.
The next morning, the north wind started to build, as predicted. We dinghied over to Caleta Partida, and took a wonderful hike up a narrow slot canyon called "El Rincon" (the corner). There were fiddler crabs and herons on the beach.

On the way up the canyon, we saw some of the endemic wildife: large rabbits (sorry, not fast enough for a pic), small squirrels, and large colorful lizards.

There was a great view of Caleta Partida from the top of the ridge. On the way back down, I almost stepped on a turkey vulture snoozing on a shaded ledge!

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