Sunday, April 25, 2010

San Juanico

Had a nice sail most of the way from the Coronados. Strange to come here - I kayak-camped here over 30 years ago, then returned 3 years ago on a friend's boat. Its still a beautiful spot, although development is creeping in, as in most of the Baja coast we've seen so far. There is some great hiking along the beaches and in the surrounding hills.

There were nearly a dozen boats here, including Speck, a Montgomery 23 with Gary and Beth from Eugene. Sure enough, it turned out we have friends in common. All of the sailors got together at a potluck and bonfire on the beach the night after we arrived.

We had one task here, to leave a memento at the "cruiser shrine" (a small tree decorated with boat names and memorabilia). Our friend Jon passed away on his boat 3 years ago. This would have been his next anchorage. He's still sailing in our memories.

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