Saturday, April 3, 2010

Can't seem to escape La Paz

After our wonderful hike at El Rincon, we dinghied back to El Cardoncito, where the wind was starting to blast down the canyon and heel the boat over on its anchor chain. So we tied up the dinghy and went below to eat lunch and read. After a couple of particularly strong gusts of wind, I looked out the hatch to see that the dinhy had been flipped over, putting the outboard motor underwater!
We did the best we could to rinse it off, to flush out the saltwater, and to try and re-start it. What a mess - an entire garbage bag of oil-soaked rags. No luck getting it re-started, so we decided to head back to La Paz to find a mechanic. Unfortunately, it is Semana Santa, (Easter week), one of the biggest holidays in Mexico, so we might have to wait a few days to get help.

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