Saturday, July 14, 2007

home for awhile

Last Wednesday we spent the night tied to the Olga dock and dreaming we were in the Bahamas. It was hotter than we've ever seen it out here, but we were thankful that we weren't ashore where Seattle was experiencing record heat. On Thursday morning, we hoisted a double-reefed main and sailed across East Sound, where it was still blowing like stink. Once out of East Sound, the wind was back to normal and we were becalmed until we motored to West Sound. Here we tacked up the bay a few times, and then rode the tide through Crane Passage and tacked through the Wasp Islands, past Jones Island, and on up the President Channel past Waldron and toward Sucia. We finally put out the hook in Echo Bay after a full day of some of the best sailing we've had this summer. After a walk ashore and a nice dinner, we rowed over to the neighboring boat for a drink and a chat. Graham's C&C33 was immaculate and well-equipped and we had fun swapping sailing stories until dark.
Thursday we sailed most of the way to Bellingham, where the boat will stay in a guest slip for the next two weeks, and the next morning we drove a one-way rental car home.

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Nancy said...

Hi Mark and Vicki, we're sorry we weren't able to connect this summer. Right now we are hunkered down at Gorge Harbor Marina waiting out a storm with a number of other boats. We had a wonderful sail here, but are happy to be in a marina tonight as it is supposed to blow 40+ knots. It's been unseasonably rainy since we reached the Desolation Sound area last week. However, we have enjoyed some time each day kayaking, hiking, etc. We plan to start the trip home within the next week. Let us know if it looks like we'll cross paths!

Nancy (and Cory)
Balancing Act