Friday, July 27, 2007

Back on the water

Two wonderful 2 weeks at home: many visits from family and friends, the DaVinci Days celebration, and catching up with the ever-changing scene at work (OSU). Now we're back on the water. Squalicum was a great place to leave the boat - excellent facilities and very helpful and friendly staff - probably our favorite of the many marinas we have stayed in.
Our first day's sail was a hoot. Under jib alone, we headed out of Bellingham Bay on a port tack, and saw this lovely square-rigger footing along on the opposite tack. Didn't catch her name, but I believe it was the Lady Washington. Meanwhile, about 80 canoes from virtually every Indian tribe in the PNW will converge on Lummi Island on Monday. What a sight that would be! But we have appointments to keep with friends and must take advantage of southerly winds to head north. Spent our first night at Echo Bay on Sucia.

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