Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...and more wind (and some current too)

Be careful what you wish for, right? After whining for weeks about not enough wind, now we have too much. Two days ago we had a wonderful sail from Anacortes to Clark Island on the N side of Orcas. Enjoyed a peaceful evening at anchor, but awoke to 20+ kts coming at us from the Strait of Georgia, and a small craft advisory on the radio. So we hightailed it for Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island, where we spent the day hiking. Winds in the anchorage were gusting over 20 all day and night. Today we crossed Rosario Strait to see if it was blowing less in the San Juans. The photo shows the wicked ebb current flowing past the N end of Cypress. After coming through Obstruction Pass, we were hit on the nose by 30+ kts blowing out of East Sound. So we tied up to the dock at Olga and are calling it a day!

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