Thursday, July 5, 2007


Weather has been hot and sunny for the past couple of days. On Tuesday we motored a few miles south of Ganges and anchored in "Grandma's Cove" to explore Ruckle Provincial Park, an old farmstead with miles of trails to explore. Next, we actually sailed for a few miles along Satellite Passage toward Sansum Narrows, but had to motor the rest of the way to a peaceful anchorage at Maple Bay. Sharing the anchorage was Webb Chiles' old Ericson 37, the one he single-handed around Cape Horn (as chronicled in his book Storm Passage).
On the 4th we went to Chemainus, an old mill town that has tarted itself up with many beautiful murals (photo above) to lure in the tourists. We found fresh berries at the farmer's market and delicious apple strudel at the Chemainus Bakery. In the evening we saw a really fun performance of Cole Porter's Anything Goes in the Chemainus Theatre - excellent cast and musicians, and Porter's wonderful songs and lyrics. We saw Annie here four years ago, which was also very well done.
Today we had to turn south toward Anacortes, and we managed to sail a bit of the way in light and fickle breezes, aided by an ebb tide. Now we're anchored in Port Browning, a deep and lovely cove on North Pender Island.

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Faye said...

Ahoy Mark and Vicki! ( Did you know that "ahoy" means hello in Czech ?)
I am enjoying your boating stories from this land locked perch.

Did I tell you I am working on the illustrations for a friend's book about her mom growing up near the Panama Canal as it was being built? Her grandfather was an engineer on the job and a very avid photographer, so I have lots of reference photos. It is a very interesting tale. And the best news.. I am almost finished ! Then it's time to celebrate.

I'm happy to hear you have some warm, sunny weather. Now I wish for you some perfect sailing breezes.

Your pal- Faye