Monday, July 2, 2007


After a restful layover at Reef Harbor, we finally had a bit of sailing today. We gingerly picked our way through the Belle Chain Islets, then through Horton Passage into Plumper Sound. Just inside the sound, a 130' schooner named Roberts II had recently wrecked on Minx Reef. What a sad sight. We're not sure, but we heard they had been relying on a dog for navigation. Speaking of dogs, our second mate has two new pairs of boat shoes that help her grip the fiberglass better. We sailed on into Ganges Harbor on Saltspring.
Looks like we are headed back to Anacortes at the end of the week, to correct a couple of items that were not done right the first time on our rigging and wiring. Anybody want to join us for a few days of sailing in the San Juans after that? We would love to have some guests from Saturday July 7 to Thursday, July 12, who could give us a ride back from Anacortes to our car in Portland on the 13th.


Deb said...

Hey, I almost feel like I'm with you guys. I cannot beleive that Chica girl will leave the booties on!!!. Things good here - your house is still standing and so are the flowers. Take care.

Ian&Robin said...

Hi Folks, your summer adventure is certainly unfolding between the whales and the islands and the odd hiccup. We have sorted our schedule and will be arriving in VIctoria on July 31st, to stay two days with my relations. We could join you from August 3rd until August 8th. How does that fit with your plans? Love Ian and Robin

Jeff & DeLynn said...

Yo Mark & Vicki,
What a neat surprise to find your blog on second reading of your email today! Sounds (and looks!) like you guys are having a great adventure as usual. Thanks for the wonderful sailing's looking too tight at work for me to get away for much of anything in July, especially next week. Rats. This day-job thing is overrated.

Have a happy 4th!
Jeff & DeLynn

Deb said...

I don't know if Vicki wrote my email address down, incase you need to reach me it is:

Karen said...

I'm enjoying your trip, although I'd probably enjoy it more if I were there. I have fond memories of spending a few days back in 1982 anchored in a lovely, 2-boat-max cove (can't remember the cove's name) at Prevost Island, right near where you are now. Thanks to Memory for sending me your blog.
Happy sails!
Karen Matz, formerly Moore, from Washougal, WA