Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fit to be stern-tied

Another great day of sailing. On our way west from Sucia, we were overtaken by a pod of about 50 orcas in the middle of Boundary Pass. We held our course unless we saw a whale surface ahead of us. At one point, a female came up from our stern quarter, and before we could react, went directly under the boat! We could see her white saddle patches clearly.
While checking into Canada at Bedwell Harbour, we came across a boat that our neighbors had chartered earlier this year. Then we headed north, broad reaching and wing and wing, into Trincomali Channel. I should have let well enough alone, but when I saw a boat that we had overtaken raise a spinnaker, I had to follow suit. We had a pretty good sail most of the way, but a few scary moments getting the spinnaker back into its sock.
We decided to call it a day at Princess Cove on Wallace Island. Great protection from the southerly winds, but a very popular place, so you must stern tie to shore. After an hour of this fire drill, we were secure for the night, but a bit exhausted!

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