Saturday, June 30, 2007

Art critic

We've slowed the pace in the last few days, hanging at some favorite spots in the San Juans: Shaw Island, Roche Harbor, and now Garrison Bay. Actually, slowing down was enforced on us by a slight mishap... after a long, lovely walk on Shaw and a visit with the new owners of the store, we dinghied back to the boat in time to get out of the rain. A couple of hours later, 2 boys in a sailing dinghy yelled out to us that our dinghy had flipped! Apparently, a valve cap had worked loose and one of the tubes slowly deflated, until the weight of the outboard caused the entire dinghy to roll over and play dead. The two guys helped us attach a halyard to the engine and pull it up out of the water, then right the dinghy. I telephoned my boating mentor Bruce for advice on treating the immersed motor, and we made arrangements to get it serviced the next day at Roche Harbor. While waiting at Roche, we walked around the sculpture garden (photo).

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Nora Boswell_lugert said...

Hi guys,
bummer about the dingy!!!hope it didn't wreck your outboard....I enjoy your postings... sounds like you're both really enjoying it up there.Can't wait to see in Aug.!!!