Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Some History...

Vicki and I have owned our Ericson 38 , Southern Cross, since 2002. Our boat is moored in Portland, OR, each winter, and each summer we take her north to British Columbia. You can read about some of our earlier adventures here.

This is our second sailboat. We owned a Nor'sea 27 called Mischief in the early 80's. Living aboard a vessel that size for close to 3 years was a good test of our relationship. I guess we passed the test, as we are now in our 26th year of marriage.

They say that owning a sailboat is like standing in the shower and tearing up $100 bills, and that seems true enough this year. We have had the rudder bearings replaced, swapped out our 2-blade MaxProp for a slightly larger (17") 3-blade MaxProp, replaced a cracked thru-hull, and had the bottom painted. Once the boat was back in the water, the mast was pulled for installation of new standing and running rigging, a masthead LED tricolor/anchor light, and a set of folding steps just below the masthead. All this in preparation for a longer cruise, starting in the summer of 2008, to Mexico and perhaps beyond.

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Cory said...

Cool... now we can all keep track of where everyone is.

A quick FYI about Astoria in case you weren't aware, the fuel dock is out of commission, so plan accordingly.