Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting ready

Seems like a whirlwind since school was out last Friday. Mark's mom has been visiting from Ca., and we've been running doing errands to get everything ready for our voyage on Southern Cross starting tomorrow, Thurs., 6/21. So nice to be heading out and back on the water, but couldn't have done this departure without good friends/neighbors like Debi, Michale & Linda, 'The Craft Family' and many other dear ones. We're driving to Portland tonight to sleep aboard, wash 'her' down, stow the chow and then try out the new rigging on Thurs. on our way down the river to Astoria. Can't wait.

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Jody said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I look forward to keeping up with you this summer and eating my heart out with nostalgia for the sea and the "good old days"!!