Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Canoe Island and Anacortes

Yesterday we crossed the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Port Angeles to the San Juan Islands. Despite a small craft advisory, winds were fairly light and we had to motor most of the way. We spent last night at Canoe Island, where friends Joseph and Connie Jones run a French language summer camp. Today we managed to sail at least half of the way from Canoe Island to Anacortes, where we are enjoying a visit with one of Mark's high school buddies. A pod of orcas was cruising along Guemes Channel as we approached Anacortes.
The boat is performing well after all, except that the masthead wind transducer isn't sending any data, and the mast partners leak like a sieve. Both of these items were worked on at the boatyard, so we have asked them to rectify the situation (once we get back to PDX). Tomorrow we may head into Canada, or if the forecast is correct, we may just hunker down and watch it rain!


Cathy said...

Wow, I love reading of all those familiar names, Cape Flattery, Neah Bay, The Famous Straights, and now the Islands. And I am glad you all finally made it to Canoe island. Please send us all a pic of Chica in her new shoes ! I really luv the two photos of you both, separately, on your web page. Good stuff, this is now raining, perfect summer rain, here in Eugene, hope your decks are enjoying the wash down......Love, Gertrud's first mate, Cathy

Sandy Coolen said...

Hi Guys! Just passing a Friday morning here in good ol' rainy Corvallis. Perfect for digging/planting on "my hill". Your travels sound wunderbar!! And your pictures look sooo relaxed -- except for the parts that show you paying the bills for the boat. Oh well. That's just part of summer, wherever. Fun to hear about Neah Bay, etc. Michael and I spent six months there a BUNCH of years ago. I taught at the school, he did research at the museum (via the cinnamon rolls at the cafe..) Enjoy, enjoy!!!!!! Love, all us Coolens

Laurie said...

Hey you guys,
Sorry to hear about the outboard. Love the photo of Chica in the sculpture garden. I love Roche Harbor and the sculptures--we've ridden our bikes there from the frerry dock the last two summers when we've stayed on Lopez.

Cathy is here for dinner and a movie tonight...she and Steve are gabbing downstairs. We love having her here.

It's sunny today, and s'posed to stay that way for the duration! YAY! Steve and I went for a hike up Hardesty Mt. today, but got lost and ended up taking a flat hike in the trees. It was still nice to be out in the woods on such a gorgeous day. But we didn't eat seconds at dinner since we didn't get the workout we'd expected!

We're hoping to get some folks together to walk up Pisgah Wednesday night to watch fireworks over the city. Wish you were here to join us, but glad you're having fun adventures of your own.