Friday, June 22, 2007

boring blog, eh?

You're probably wondering why there aren't any pictures in this blog. Well, first off, we have been so busy getting everything shipshape that we only took one picture the first day, and none at all today! Then, I realized that the USB cable for the camera had been left at home. We were able to find one in Astoria today (by the way, we had a nice ride downriver, 5 hrs 45 min from St. Helens). However, after I transferred the picture (it was a nice one of the beer can regatta at St. Helens) to
the hard disk, it disappeared. Sigh~. Oh well, we have the cable now, we'll have some pictures to upload after we get to Neah Bay. Our friend and neighbor Michael has joined us here for the overnight coastal passage. We're planning to cross the Columbia River Bar tomorrow about 8AM, and we hope to arrive in Neah Bay about the same time on Sunday.

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Dar Daggett said...

Hi Mark And Vicki,
I was just going to suggest to Elaine that she call you for dinner and now I hear you have slipped out of town again on another great adventure! Hope it is a great one...
We are going to Sisters next week to play with Bruce and Suzanne. Should be fun. 4th of July in Sisters. Maybe even the rodeo if I can talk Doug into it!
Hope you have a great summer!