Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weird weather

Right after Adam left, the weather took an unusual turn here in Banderas Bay: strong southerly winds in the evening (prevailing winds are ENE in the morning, NW in the afternoon/evening). The next morning, it started pouring rain, which is also unusual here in the middle of winter. Listening to the VHF net, we heard several calls of "waterspout", some with a bit of panic in their voices. Here's a photo we later obtained from Ron and Maryann, who were anchored out in the bay on their boat Whirlwind during this event. The locals have said they have never seen a waterspout here in the winter (they do occur during summer storms).

Later, walking on the beach, we came across a baby sea turtle washed up on the sand. A local lifeguard picked him up for safekeeping. He'll be released once the water is calmer and he has a better chance of making it out to sea.

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