Monday, January 25, 2010

Jungle Cruise

Today we took the dinghy into the estuary and along a 2-mile, mangrove-lined channel. It was odd to look up and see tall cactus plants growing on the hillsides above the lagoon. We saw lots of blue and green herons, but none of the locally famous crocodiles, which can apparently reach up to 10 feet in length.

At the end of the channel we parked the dinghy, and a short walk led us to the village of Tenacatita, on the outer part of the bay known as the "Aquarium." Even with the sea rougher than usual, the Aquarium is a great place for swimming and snorkeling. I talked to a local SCUBA diver who said the underwater visibility out among the rocks is close to 80 feet. We did some shopping and had a nice lunch before heading back down to the estuary. To cap off our "wilderness" experience, we got drenched by a wave crossing the bar into the bay. Groceries were safe inside river bags (thanks Erica for sending those down to us).

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Mark said...

Unfortunately the palapa where this last picture was taken no longer exists. Local people and their businesses were evicted by police in early August. A rich man from Guadalajara supposedly holds title to the land and intends to build a large resort. The locals believe this action was illegal and that they own the land as part of their ejido.