Saturday, January 23, 2010


We decided to move from Chamela after the increasing swells made the anchorage a bit bumpy. So after a 4-hour downwind sail 25 miles along the coast, we're now anchored in a huge deep bay called Tenacatita. This is regarded by many as the finest anchorage along this part of the Mexican Riviera. There are over 2 dozen other boats here, some of which have been here for weeks if not months. Snorkeling is good out at the edge of the bay, and we've already seen 3 eels and a few new species of fish. The beach is flat and hard, perfect for walking or running, and has a dozen or more clutches of sea turtle eggs waiting to hatch. Tenacatita's most unique attraction is the "Jungle Cruise" along a 3-mile long, mangrove-lined channel. We'll report back after we've done it!

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