Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fish on, jack!

It took the whole 8 days of his visit, but Adam finally landed a fish! Actually, he caught two fish today, but the first one was a fairly small sierra and he tossed it back. We were 15 minutes from heading into the marina for the night, when "zzzzzzzzzzzz..." the line started running out. By the time the fish had tired, it had run out nearly all of Adam's line, and he had quite a job reeling it back in. When he finally reeled in all of the line, he had a 25-pound crevalle jack on the end of it. We haven't boated anything more than 10 pounds before now, so this was a pretty impressive sight!
Tonight Adam and Vicki are busy cutting the fish into fillets and preparing some Hawaiian style poke. Yumm! Thank you Adam, for bringing your fishing expertise and gear. You are welcome aboard Southern Cross any time!

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jules said...

congrats on the pleasin' plunder ye reeled in!