Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yesterday we motored 20 miles south from San Blas to Chacala. Even though we had fun in San Blas, it was a relief to get away from the bugs there. The place is pretty famous for no-see-ums, and we had screens, but even using lots of repellent and bug killer, we couldn't keep 'em out of the boat, and Vicki has a pretty strong allergic reaction to their bites.
There was very light wind coming south. The coastline was beautiful, lined with coco palms, and with lots of mango orchards visible on the hills behind.
There are 4 other boats anchored with us in Chacala. Two California sailboats that we had last seen in Oceanside, and a beautiful Cheoy Lee trawler that left San Blas at the same time as us.
Good Internet signals along this section of the coast!

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jules said...

Not sure if I'm pronouncing the name correctly but it sure is fun to say!