Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bye for awhile

Probably won't be blogging much for awhile. Our "underwater" camera died, and our position will be relatively static for the next few weeks while I dig in to teaching fall term courses. We'll also be seeing lots of family and friends, and doing some boat maintenance. Tonight we'll spend our first night off the boat in over 10 weeks, as I need to lay down a few coats of varnish on the cabin sole. My cousins are loaning us their beach cottage, only a few blocks from where the boat is moored.


sarah and dale said...

M & V---Sarah has been following your progress for some time. I finally got around to reading some of your blog. Just want to say howdy and to offer my condolences. Hope to keep reading.....


Jeff and DeLynn said...

Hope your ECampus work goes well. I'm just finishing up my first month in my new position here at OSU as the Lifelong Learning Leader. Remember how we used to chuckle about DE? Now we are both immersed in it! You guys's sailing adventures are soooo cool. Look forward to the next posts when you come up for air.