Monday, October 12, 2009

another Newport

We've traveled over 1000 miles now, from Newport, Oregon to Newport Beach, CA. This will be our base for the next couple of months, while fall term classes are in session. And it's a great spot for cruisers. Despite being surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, there is a free anchorage in the center of the harbor, and moorings are available for $5/night. However, the main reason we're here is that my niece and her family live only a mile or two away. Family time!

Amazingly, we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow night and Wednesday! We'll head back to Catalina on Thursday, in time for the weekend Cruiser's Rendezvous sponsored by Latitudes and Attitudes magazine.

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Steve & Lulu said...

Sounds similar to the weather forecast for the other Newport except ours also includes winds 25-35 knots with gusts to 40 knots. So far the late summer and early fall up here have been beautiful!

Have fun down there among the rich and famous.