Saturday, October 17, 2009

back to Catalina

Last week, we had some nice family time with Juli, Willie, Vaughn, and Lila, and the first rain since leaving Oregon. As soon as the rain ended, we headed back to sea and returned to Catalina for the Lats and Atts (sailing magazine) "Cruisers' Bash." Saw several whales and pods of dolphins on the way, and even had a hitchhiker part of the way - a tired little goldfinch on his way to who knows where.

The Cruisers' Bash turned out to be not much of an event, besides meeting a few other Mexico-bound boats, but we did get our pictures taken with the one and only Bob Bitchin. Heck, that was worth the trip in itself! We've also had some nice snorkeling (sorry forgot to bring the camera along this time) -- today I was swimming among a school of about 100 barracudas, and saw an octopus and lobster as well! Morning hikes in the hills above Two Harbors have been nice too.

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