Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Mazatlan

After 3 weeks of being more or less on the go, we are really enjoying a few days of R&R in one place, with a good free anchorage to boot! (We do pay $3/day to land the dinghy at a secure place, Club Nautico, with showers and bathroom facilities included)
Mazatlan is a very popular gringo hangout, and its easy to see why. Miles of nice beaches, lots of wildlife, and a scenic city with some old historic districts reminiscent of New Orleans.

Grilled fish, chile rellenos stuffed with shrimp, and many other tasty seafood treats are available for less than $4/entree. The mercado is teeming with fresh fruits, veggies, meat and fish. Its easy to find ice cream, cappucino, and just about any other treat you may be craving.

Air temperature has been moderate, seldom getting above 80, and the ocean is about 78, just right for swimming. We had our first Mexican rain last night, a few short squalls that gave a nice rinse to our salty boat.
Yesterday our friends Bruce and Sharon picked us up and took us to see their lovely condo in "Nuevo Mazatlan" a few miles to the north. We enjoyed a walk on their beach and just relaxed.

This morning we hiked up to the lighthouse near our anchorage for great city views,

then took the boat around the corner to "Isla Piedra" for another long beach walk. Even the goats expected tips at this tourist hangout!

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Naomi said...

Merry Christmas!! Sounds like you had a great feast! Thanks for your note. All is well here, and the damage at home seems to be not as bad as we feared. Enjoy the island hopping...we can't wait to hear/read of your impressions!