Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bye-bye Cabo

Three days in Cabo was more than enough! The scenery is superb, and it is no wonder its such a popular resort. But the sheer volume of boat and particularly jetski traffic made it a less than relaxing anchorage. But a useful and necessary stop, and we met a few fellow cruisers there. An amazing coincidence: the guy on the boat anchored next to us was in my high school graduating class. We didn't recognize each other, or even have any friends in common, as it was a very large high school.
This morning we got to the gas dock, took on fuel and water, and were outta there by sunrise.

Our first stop was only a few miles away, at a popular dive spot called Chileno Reef. We could clearly see the bottom in 50 feet. Lots of colorful fish on the reef, but no pics - after dunking our last "underwater" camera, we are gun-shy about using the new one.

Now we are motoring along the developed coastline past San Jose del Cabo, on our way to Los Frailes.

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WillieM said...

How crazy having a fellow "Viking" in the boat next to you! What are the odds? Can't wait to hear about your next stop. Miss you guys!
-Jules Verne