Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The appointed day finally came. We had used up all our excuses for lingering any longer, and it was time to flee the country. We had a fast sail out of the bay and into Mexican waters. Once we were past the Coronado Islands, the sun set and the wind died and we motored for several hours under the full moon. About 10 miles out from Ensenada, an offshore breeze piped up and we sailed the rest of the way into Todos Santos Bay, and tied up at Cruiseport marina.

Today we made the rounds with immigration, the port captain, customs, the bank, and the cell phone company. We also found time for a delicious "comida casera" (home cooked) lunch of chile rellenos, tacos, rice, and beans, along with a strawberry-banana smoothie, for about $5/person including tip. I think this Mexico business is going to work out OK.

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