Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bahia Santa Maria

Laguna San Ignacio will have to wait. We left Abreojos after a restless night at anchor, deciding that we wouldn't be comfortable leaving the boat to go whale-watching 20 miles away. We had a good sail most of the way to Cabo San Lazaro, including a nighttime spinnaker run, a first for us. Saw another Green Flash and got a photo this time. OK, not the greatest, but it gives you the basic idea. All through the night, we were entertained by a meteor shower, and by new constellations peeking over the southern horizon. Corvus the crow, Vela the sail. Not sure how long before we see our boat's namesake.
Both air and water temperature went up during the night too. By morning, it was clear we were done with cold weather gear, probably for the duration of our time in Mexico.

The dramatic headlands protecting Mag Bay loomed ever closer as the wind dropped and we started the engine. We decided to stop for the night in Bahia Santa Maria, as it saved us another 3 hours of motoring. There is only one other boat here, a large motor yacht from Newport Beach. This is a huge bay, 8 miles long and 4 wide.

We went for a short hike ashore, our first time on land since leaving Turtle Bay 3 days ago. Some of the desert plants were blooming. Baja is a beautiful and largely unspoiled wilderness, if you don't count Cabo.

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