Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami warning

Awoke to news of the devastating earthquake in Japan. The tsunami warning map showed the arrival of a potential wave here in Puerto Vallarta by around 1pm local time. After some confusion and further forecasts of up to a 6-foot surge here in Banderas Bay, we, along with most boats, left the marina for deeper water. It was amazing to see so many boats out on the Bay at one time, far more than the number of racing boats for the Regatta.

Right around 1pm, we started hearing reports on the local radio of the arrival of the surge at the various marinas around the Bay. Water levels went up and down as much as 6 feet in as little as 10 minutes, creating strong currents in the entrances and damaging some of the docks. The first surge was by no means the strongest.
Now, at 5:30 PM local time, 4 1/2 hours into this event, boats are still being advised not to enter the harbors due to strong currents. Hundreds of boats are milling around the bay. There are concerns over a second set of tsunami waves from the second earthquake. We are not sure whether we will anchor out or even heave to under sail
We have not suffered anywhere near the damage inflicted on ports in California, let alone Japan, but this is still a reminder that humans are still no match for the forces of nature!

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