Saturday, March 19, 2011

Night of the Iguana

There is a large tree near the walkway from the marina into town, and every evening we look up to see iguanas perched in the uppermost branches. They presumably are seeking shelter from predators. They're still there in the morning, but after the sun has warmed them, they climb back down to the ground for their day jobs. This morning I counted ten of them, some up to four feet long.

We're more active than the iguanas, but not by much. We're in a holding pattern while Evergreen makes final preparations for the passage to the Marquesas. We've cleaned the boat and prepared it for a 2-month nap, and we've purchased our return air tickets from Rangiroa to Papeete to LA to PV. We've said good-bye to cruising friends who are heading north towards the Sea of Cortez for spring. Today I'll go over to Evergreen to help splice some line. Anticipated departure date is currently next Tuesday.

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