Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adios Mexico!

We pulled away from the dock yesterday morning, and motored across the Bay to Nuevo Vallarta, where we presented our passports and ship's papers to the port captain and an immigration officer, and enjoyed our last Mexican food for awhile. After clearing out, we tacked out of Banderas Bay in winds varying from zero to 20 knots. Evergreen can really get up and move once the apparent wind hits 20 knots. We saw up to 7 knots on the knotmeter, sailing close-hauled under staysail and reefed main. This is probably the only time we'll be heeled over for the entire passage to the Marquesas. Unfortunately, all the extra provisions didn't fit inside lockers, and some had been stowed in less secure positions. A container of rum broke loose and dumped most of its contents into the bilge. You're supposed to contribute some booze to King Neptune as you cross the equator - hopefully we'll get credit for this early contribution!
Just before dark, we pulled into the anchorage at Punta Mita, and put the hook down for the night. We want to have plenty of daylight when we head out to the open ocean for the first time.
In a couple of hours, we'll be heading out into the big blue Pacific! Next stop Hiva Oa.
I will attempt to post to the blog while underway, but for anyone wanting to follow our progress visually, you can go to: and look for KI6HAI (the skipper's ham call sign).


Volcom said...

that's so cool we can follow you guys like that! I didn't know that was possible. Good luck on your journey! Love you!

Cathy Ellis said...

Happy Cathy