Thursday, August 2, 2007

Savary Island

Feeling the need to stretch our legs, today we visited Savary Island, just a few miles south of our previous anchorage in the Copeland Islands. Because the conditions are so mild right now, we felt it safe to leave our boat anchored in the open roadstead and head onshore for a long walk.

We walked west for 5 miles along quiet roads until we reached Indian Point. With the tide now out, we walked back along the beach.

Tonight we'll look for a snug anchorage close to Campbell River, where we will pick up our friends Ian and Robin tomorrow.

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Cathy said...

Howdy sailors....this is Cathy, s/v Gertrud's first mate, calling in.....finally made time to check your past 3 week's travels, brought sweet memoires and a few bitter-sweet tears, thinking back to my time there with my Jon, aboard our good little ship.....

....stern ties too much excitement you say?!
I actually like the stern ties, climbing up on the shore to tie off to trees or rocks, that was always my job, so much easier than dropping a stern anchor in a rough anchorage, that was always the challanging for us...

hey, maybe see you all soon on Lopez Island, I will be there on a house boat at Fisherman's Bay, August 20-24, 4 nights, staying with Mike and Barbara from Seattle, he was my skiper in April in Baja, the skipper that was down graded to a deck hand !

So, hope to see you then.....keep on smiling and sailing.....enjoy the calm moments, that sence of accomplishment and good, simple living, and the good feelings after the not-calm-moments blow Cathy