Tuesday, August 14, 2007

heading south

It was sad saying good-bye to Eric and Nora yesterday, for it means that summer fun is drawing to a close. After replacing a broken bilge pump, we headed out of Campbell River and down the Strait of Georgia, with a slight tailwind but not enough to fill the sails. It was nice to finally shut the motor off near Comox, sail across the bar, and into a peaceful anchorage at Sandy Island. Well, it would have been really peaceful, except that there were about 50 teen-aged sea cadets camped there for the night! We paddled around the island, admiring the views across the Strait and getting close to seals, eagles, plovers, and other local wildlife.
In the morning, we sailed a short distance to Tribune Bay on Hornby Island, one of our favorite anchorages, with its broad sandy beach, amazing rocks, and warm waters for swimming. We would love to lay over for a day here, but the forecast calls for another round of SE winds, so we will probably head for Nanaimo tomorrow.

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Deb said...

Hey guys - things good here. Nancy's gift with gardening must be genetic. your flowers look great after a week of her family taking care of them. They even left me 3 very delicious, ripe cherry tomatos. Hope the weather cooperates with you the next few days - the front moving in is suppose to be centered in your neck of the woods. Your pictures are so great. Mark this blog was is such a super idea. Sail safe - I'll see you when you get home.