Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cow Bay

Cowichan Bay is a lovely place to stop, even with the weather deteriorating. We spent last night in Nanaimo, and headed on south through Dodd Narrows and Sansum Narrows to get here. There is a wooden boatbuilding center, a great bakery, and a lot of groovy thrift stores for the Admiral to browse. The couple on the next boat, Bob and Susan, are on their way to Mexico on their CS33 My Wind Song. We didn't catch any fish today, but we still get to eat salmon for dinner (good fish store here too).

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Ian&Robin said...

Hi you two! Great to read your blog and know you continue to enjoy the Vancouver Island area. We have enjoyed our time here although it is hot. Sad to say goodye to family and friends but the world is a small place these days! We leave tomorrow. We so enjoyed sharing our time with you on Southern Cross. Enloy the rest, we will be thinking of you. Until later. love, Robin and Ian