Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Still in the marina

Thanks to the help of some local electricians, we got the damage from the electrical fire sorted out. There was apparently a short in the preheat solenoid that burned the wire between it and the starter. We were grateful this happened while we were so close to help. The entire wiring harness had to be rebuilt because of melted insulation on neighboring wires. We went to the office in Lautoka to settle the bill. They gave us a grand tour of the premises, including this impressive heap of alternators. I've also finished getting the boat commissioned for the season and repaired a number of small issues. I replaced our house batteries with two new 150Ah AGMs. We are still having a problem that I thought I had sorted out last season - a small air leak in our fuel/water separator. One of Sieg and Barb's friends is flying in with a replacement bowl, so we are biding our time here in the marina. We go for a 2 mile walk before dawn, have breakfast, do schoolwork and boat chores, cool off in the afternoon with a swim at the pool next door, watch the sunset (often accompanied by a green flash), eat dinner, watch a movie. For the last couple of evenings, the Russian superyacht "A" has been anchored a few miles away. Vicki went to a church service in the nearby village. There's no rush to leave, as I have to teach another 4 weeks before we can get too far from the Internet. Other than shopping, the only highlight of this past week was being invited to dinner at the home of our boat caretaker, Mr. Bharos. His son is a yaqona (kava) dealer at the local market. This is one of the most impressive bundles of yaqona I've ever seen. Once we get the new part installed, we hope to sail out to nearby Musket Cove, and perhaps on to the Yasawas. Once spring term classes are finished, we'll head back to Savusavu and the eastern side of Fiji, which is less touristy and thus more interesting to us.

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